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EYC 2014 PDF Print option in slimbox / lytebox? (info)
Competitions and Teams - Season 2014/15
Written by Peter Smith   

Online entry for the England Youth Championships 2014 is now open!

Click here or visit to entter online

Full details are attached but check back here regularly for entry cap updates or any other changes.


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England Fencings Tomorrow’s Achievers 22nd March PDF Print option in slimbox / lytebox? (info)
Youth - Tomorrow's Achievers
Written by Peter James   
Saturdays session was well attended and thanks to Nick Payne the international referee we ran a session for the parents and fencers to see different attacks and the hits awarded and why,

Saskia Douglas former England Fencing Tomorrows Achiever felt fencing always did very little for Sprots Relief and so being inspired by Davina McCalls trek through the Uk arranged a 6 hour fencing bout. at Saturdays Tomorrows Achievers Session
Saskia swashed and very nearly buckled but she did  it ! Six hours continuous fencing in aid of Sports Relief.

It did get a bit dodgy at times. She managed to flatten her first opponent – who wasn’t me . I went on third and then again as last fight. By the time I got on first time she had massive hit lead. I took 45 hits off her in half an hour and she was still over 20 ahead of me. Quite a few of the Dads that fence turned up in kit and one or two  had to lie down after their  15 minute or half hour stints on box.
At lunchtime Sassy ran into trouble – thanks to a bad clonk on the collar-bone. And then in came Steven Williams and he fenced her beautifully for half an hour. He closed the score gap but she still had a lead and her arm felt better and she really enjoyed her sparring session with him. Then Martin Carter took over. He had been refereeing her ( Martin, Noah Blackmore and Tom Rizvi refereed throughout and there was a certain amount of  “if its a double hit it must be Saskias’” ) . Again Martin brilliant at setting a reasonable pace and keeping her entertained on piste.
In the afternoon she had to face 13 of the TA fencers. By this time she was distinctly running short of puff. Of course few of them were going to “play” nicely  – they all really wanted  to “win” and sensed she was really slowing up. At which point she stepped it up a gear again and  opened up the score . And I wanted to be the last on against her and be on piste with her at end of count down to 6 hours. .
She fenced 23 fencers ( some more than once)  in all – 7 coming in especially to take a turn. Thank you to all of them – particularly the ones who turned up specially and  the three very  gallant referees. She finished on 456 hits to the TA Allstars 419.
It was an extraordinary effort and I am very very proud of her . She really hurts. She deserves every penny she raises. We don’t think anyone has attempted this before because all the other Foil 24 hour marathons are team relays. She raised £175 in cash at Rye St Antony alone; has quite a lot more in pledges and  her web sponsorship page is still open – see link below

Videos and photos were taken during day – though sadly we missed shot of Noah flat on floor! I will let you know where you can view when Peter James the new Tomorrows Achievers supremo has “put them up” for us. Thank you for your support
Jenny Douglas
TA Coach
You tube Video Evidence

or search for England Fencing Tomorrows Achievers on Youtube
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England Fencings Tomorows Achievers 2014 PDF Print option in slimbox / lytebox? (info)
Youth - Tomorrow's Achievers
Written by Peter James   

22nd March Session

If you are planning to join us on the 22nd March for the next session and i have not emailed you the links, you need to print the following and read prior to the session.

Many Thanks

Peter James


Don't Forget

For warm-up: Tee shirt, shorts or trackies, trainers.

For fencing: Full fencing kit including breeches, plastron, and at least two working weapons and bodywires.

Food & Drink: Packed lunch (there are no food facilities on site) plus AT LEAST 3 LITRES of water to drink, more for the summer sessions.

Parents: A good book, and some small change to buy tea and coffee.

Completed and signed consent form download here and of course the money.


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England Fencings Tomorrow’s Achievers Training 2014 PDF Print option in slimbox / lytebox? (info)
Youth - Tomorrow's Achievers
Written by Peter James   
England Fencings Tomorrow’s Achievers Training 2014

Once again we are returning to Rye St. Antony School for the rest of this years sessions.


Rye St. Antony School,

Franklin Road,





Please do not use the intercom. My mobile number is 07961-437327.



This link takes you to a map of the venue  

The next session is on 22nd March and the focus of the session is Attacks. We have arranged for Nick Payne the international referee to come and give a session to the fencers and parents.

Tomorrow’s Achievers is the name of England Fencing’s youth development section created in 2005 as part of the England Fencing Youth Programme by the late Matthew Thompson , the then Youth Director Of England Fencing – a programme which he ran until a few weeks before his death in 2013. As Youth Director, Matthew  was the strategic lead behind the reshaping of England Fencing’s youth championships and Tomorrows Achievers is very much one of his legacies .
Training sessions cover all aspects of fencing, including warm-up, fitness, footwork, and bladework. Entry to TA is by invitation, but any Fencer between the ages of 10 and 14 can attend one Foil or Epee evaluation session, and fencers up to the age of 17 may be considered in special circumstances.
TA sessions are not suitable for beginners, and the fencers who will benefit most are those who have been fencing for a year or two, have competed successfully in a number of competitions, and aspire to compete at national and international standard. After an evaluation session, TA coaching staff may suggest other avenues to explore to gain more experience before returning to the TAs. Parents and coaches are welcome to stay to watch. Experienced England Fencing officials are usually in attendance, which gives a good opportunity to discuss career progression, competition planning and similar issues.
All coaching staff are registered with British Fencing, and are fully CRB checked.
Most clubs are not fortunate enough to have the strength in depth that a national training session can provide. By bringing together many of the best young fencers in the country, the TA’s offer a unique opportunity to train with your peer group.

TA training is designed to complement club training, not to replace it.
Sessions currently cost £30 for members of England Fencing or £40 for members of other home countries.
If you are interested in attending a Tomorrow’s Achievers day, or would like to know more about them, please contact Peter James giving name, contact details, age, primary weapon fenced, and some idea of your fencing experience.
Peter James

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

07961 437327
 387_TA_info_consent_form2014 Venue 2.doc[Consent Form]37 Kb
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Selection Policy for England Team for the Commonwealth Championships 2014 PDF Print option in slimbox / lytebox? (info)
Competitions and Teams - Season 2014/15
Written by Rodney Francis   
The criteria for selection are attached.
Last Updated on Monday, 03 March 2014 13:22
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